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10 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Parameterizing URL part ending with query strings

I have a URL request that looks like this one:


GET /BravaServer/search/searchindices/0e797596-b417-41f0-9841-73947cd4198f?sessionid=null&clientid=41986811&bravaserverurl=http://prf-be-01/BravaServer&dojo.preventCache=1398946532256 HTTP/1.1


I’m trying to parameterize that GUID value in the request, but it doesn’t seem to work:


GET /BravaServer/search/searchindices/@requestId?sessionid=null&clientid=41986811&bravaserverurl=http://prf-be-01/BravaServer&dojo.preventCache=1398946532256 HTTP/1.1

Under important notes in this Parameterizing URLs - Important Notes it says something about not being able to add an extension to the end of the variable, but I'm not.

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