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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Lost cookie problem.


I read the post "WebLoadUI not handling all cookies (HTTPS)" and initially thought that I had the same problem, however my problem solved it by to uncheck the "Parallel request simulation" and re-record everything.

That worked fine but now I have recorded another scenario and if I run both scenarios in a combined test, it will occaisionally fail.

It seems that the cookie that is provided in the response of our login POST gets lost for some reason.

The sequence:

- a couple of JSON requests that are not dependent on a session cookie are sent.

- The Logon POST request is sent.

- a JSON request which finds out which menus you have credentials to see, is sent.

At this point a few requests occaisionally fail due to the fact that the GetMenus request lacks the session cookie and hence the virtual user is considered not logged on.

and thus the response code is 403.

I have tweaked the amount of virtual users, the random think time and also the length of the test run but still occaisionally I get this error.

Basically I could run 199 VU's on the first scenario and only 1 on the other OR the other way around, still it occaisionally fails.

Running these scenarios separately works fine regardless the amount of VU's, random think time or length of test run.