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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Load Test never ends?


Im Trying to do a load test with at least 20 users and 10 scenarios. Nonetheless the test starts well i can see everything in th egraphs. Then it just goes blank for 5 mins even more. i literally have to stop the test because it never finishes. I even tried one simple scenario with one virtual user and its all the same.

Why does it get stuck and never finishes the tests?

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  • Hi,

    I am also having this problem. The messages log shows a timeout has occurred but there is a response being received. I have opened a support case for this.

  • I am not able to verify a small scenario which I was able to do on earlier version . Let alone  the load test .  it gets stuck on the 32 % and does not complete . I was able to successfully create and execute load test for exactly same scenario in the  earlier version . My earlier scenarios which I have migrated to  newer version  have also  failed .

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    I am also getting this error too. My verification is stuck at 43% and never stops :(