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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Issue with recording


I am using LoadUIWebPro V2 and the application in question appears to be causing Loaduiweb issues - as in, it will record the login page (onIE 10.0.9200) but then it fails to rcord any other actions on proceeding pages, does the tool have issues with Jquery/javascript etc? It gets a bit further using Firefox - not much further though

Also when i launch the load test, if never stops, and so i have to select stop, however, this causes LoadUiWeb to hang and i have to manually kill it via task manager

Any info appreciated

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    Hi Conor,

    Not sure that the below will help, but anyway:

    Yes, I was able to successfully record the traffic for the site that extensively uses Jquery and additional requests triggered by javascript.

    Are you using the latest 2.95.4436 version of LoadUIWeb? There were improvements in this version related to the record and replay via proxies (and https?).

    Are you using proxy? This might be the reason of the problems with never ending test replay.

    One possible approach (with v.2.95) is to use some debugging proxy (e.g. Fiddler) to check if correct requests are sent by LoadUIWeb during the test replay and whether the tested server replies on them.

    Also Fiddler might appear to be useful during the recording to figure out if the requests/responses that are expected to be recorded are generated.

  • Thanks Alexei, yes we are using a proxy,  will check out fiddler, we are indeed using the latest version.