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12 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Getting "Virtual user (1)" was not simulated. error


when I execute my scenarion I am displayed with

Connection 30 of the scenario assigned to the virtual user "Virtual user (1)" was not simulated.

can you please tell me what is this error.

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  • You should inspect your error and working list. It may contain the reason. Most probably it will be connection closed or socket connection problem description.
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    Im new to WebloadUI. I started with recording a simple test case by loggin in to our product.When i select on "Verify Scenario", i got the same error "Connection 9 of the scenario assigned to the virtual user "Virtual user (1)" was not simulated." But i could not get information abt this error. Along with this, i got one more error which says "Virtual user "Virtual user (1)": SSL negotiation failed. Error 0x80090308".

    Can you pls help me with these two errors?


    Deepa Chandru

  • I'm getting the same issue. No requests are ever made to the Application. If it can't connect, why am I able to record scenarios with no problem? It just can't run the test.
  • Below is the entire error.

    Iteration 1 of the scenario "Scenario1" assigned to the virtual user "Virtual user (1)". Connection 12 was not simulated. The execution was terminated by the user.