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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Empty List Variables

I am having trouble using list variables, both manually created ones and generated ones. After creating the list variable for a scenario, it shows up in the variables list just fine. 

When I right click the list variable and click edit, the list variable contents dialog shows that the list is empty. I can add items or generate a list, but every time I come back to edit the list, it shows up as empty.

When trying to use the variable in a POST request parameter, it does not evaluate. Instead the literal string "@VariableName" is entered in the request.

Any ideas?

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  • I have confirmed that there is an issue under certain circumstances with the Parameterization Wizard when the List variable is used as of version 2.95. We are looking into a resolution for this and will reply to this forum post as soon as a patch is issued.

  • Hi,  there is a workaround . In the Parameterization Wizard, add the values ( add , generate, set of values, wherever) and then click next and then clik in button end. You should not choose some kind of acces type. It's work for me. Version 2.99