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LoadUiWeb Data Modifier Regex Issue



My company has been focusing on realizing load testing on our products before release because new customers continue arriving with a bigger user base. Thus the need for a good load testing solution. Initially we found a product LoadUiWeb 2 that was found in your website and its the product we have fallen in love in using and looking to continue learning and playing with the tools it provides. 


That said, we have been having issues with one of the features your tool provides related to using Regex in the Data Modifier tab for SOAP Requests. I have basically followed the chapter you guys include in the Help section on using this part and i haven't had any success in having the regex succesfully find a match and substitute the value. I shall include this example below. 


For our specific SOAP request I have been using this regex to look for a specific text in the Text part of the request:






Part of the text that is being sent in the request is as follows, the full request will be found attached. 





I've tested these Regex using online Regex testers and have been able to correctly identify the part I want to change which is the GUID between the rst_regardingobjectguid tags. Sadly when I run the tests the regex doesnt identify the GUID correctly and the value isn't changed.  The variable I defined to change the GUID is a Guid Loadui Web Variable that was auto generated. 


Please find attached images of my defined variables and my Data Modifier Regex from the LoadUiWeb Application. 


I am trying to figure out what is it that I am doing wrong. 


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    First note:

    LoadUIWeb is an outdated product by SmartBear that was rebranded to LoadComplete ( The current version is 4.50 and it was significantly improved since the times of LoadUIWeb. As LoadUIWeb is not supported for several years, there are no chances for some patch even if you really found a problem.

    LoadComplete up to v.4.40 had a free version which was discontinued since v.4.50. But you may try to search for it or contact SmartBear Sales via form and ask for it. Or download free trial of v.4.50 (


    As for your question:

    a) I tried both your regex and my version that uses backreferences ((rst_regardingobjectguid>)(.*)</\1) and all of them also worked for me when tested in the desktop regex application;

    b) In order to check if your regex works in LoadUIWeb you may try this approach: (though I am not sure if it existed in LoadUIWeb);

    c) Finally, just to be on the safe side: you are writing that you are using regex and looking for the data in the request. Usually, data are searched for in the responces obtained from web server, extracted to the variables and the values of these variables are used to replace data in the subsequent requests been sent to the web server. Is this what you are trying to do? help section may provide you with additional information.