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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Connection 9 of the scenario assigned to the virtual user "Virtual user group (278)" was simulated partially.


Can anyone let me know why this below messages are displayed in report.  What could be the reason for it. I have executed one scenario with 500 users, but if check it in system it is generated 1597 records instead of 500. If I see it in load test report it is displayed few messages like

1. "Connection 9 of the scenario assigned to the virtual user "Virtual user group (278)" was simulated partially. Only 5 of 7 requests were completed."

2.  "Connection 9 of the scenario assigned to the virtual user "Virtual user group (252)" was not simulated."

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  • Hello,

    You'll probably be able to find some Connection closed notifications near this errors. This is a reason. The tested server decided to close the connection instead return all the data as it's expected. 
  • Hi,

    try the following

    In WebLoadUI Pro, goto Tools-> Options -> Engines -> HTTP Load Testing. 

    In the Simulation tab uncheck the “parallel request simulation”  option and see if this fixes your problem.

    Also, are you using IIS and which version?


  • The previouse answer is not a solution. It will force the tool to generate less load. And this may hide the errors. But it will not be a testing of the site. It will be a way to say that site is ok while it will not work for that amount of virtual user and the scenario. 

    In general every single web server attempting to save itself by closing connections. This means that your test simulates too much traffic for the site ant it doing it's best to survive. The site should be inspected and improved at this point.

  • Hello,

    I too am experiencing the same problem.

    Where should we be looking at the site for improving and what kind of improvement points should we working at?

    What is the solution to overcome the 'partial simulation' error?
  • Errors should be displayed above the mentioned message. You can filter out ok messages and inspect all the rest. 

    You as a load tester should not do anything against this error. You’ve stressed out your server and it’s the developers turn :) 

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    I'm experiencing the same problem while trying to verify my scenario. The only error I get is the "...simluated partially..." error. All the requests up to that point have an "Ok" status. There are no warnings to examine. I don't feel like I have enough information to throw over the wall to the developers, especially since I can run the same steps from within a browser without any errors.
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    I hadn't realized there had been a response to my post (didn't get an e-mail). Sorry for the late reply. This is a problem with more than 1 virtual user: 2 users can be enough to cause it.
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    I did get this error with one virtual user.

    Connection 33 of the scenario assigned to the virtual user "Virtual user (1)" was not simulated.

    I followed Ashish suggestion and disabled the "Parallel request simulation" and afterwords I am not seeing the above error anymore but I got some other 500 errors but those are different.