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12 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Closing "Start page" tab in the workspace leads to a crash

Steps to reproduce...

  1. Open project

  2. The workspace needs to have the "start page" tab first + whatever other tabs opened.

  3. Display any tab but the "start page" tab

  4. Close the tab "start page" using its "x" without displaying it

  5. "WebLoad UI Pro has encountered a problem in module tccommonpanels.pls and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Logs sent to SmartBear

Solution : Ctrl + S after every change to anything in WebLoad Ui Pro

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  • I hope you've sent the dump file. I cannot reproduce this with WebLoadUI here. I'll ask QA team to check this.

    Any additional steps or information will be appreciated.