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9 years ago

LoadComplete Customer Note (May 2016)

Hi LoadComplete User,


We have two exciting customer announcements to share with you about LoadComplete. These include:

  1. New Product Support Hub (link).
  2. Meet The Team: Watch The Fireside Chat (link).

(1) LoadComplete Product Hub:
This page will be your one stop shop for support resources for LoadComplete.
Go here for best practices, videos, to connect with other users, and more.


(2) Meet the Team Behind LoadComplete:
Watch the Fireside Chat with Anand Sundaram, VP & Product Owner for LoadComplete. During this chat, we share the following:

Click Here to Watch the Fireside Chat


  • How Anand goes about delivering new features in LoadComplete.
  • What’s coming up in the next release.  
  • What the future of LoadCompletelooks like.  
  • The role customers (like you!) can play in shaping that future. 


Meet Anand and Priyanka


As always, please reach out to me ( or your SmartBear team member for any questions, suggestions, or if you just want to say hi!





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