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13 years ago

LoadComplete 2 Beta Program Now Open


The LoadComplete product team is pleased to announce the start of the Beta
program for LoadComplete version 2. The Beta program is open now to all potential users,
including current customers and prospects, and will continue through November
30 2011. The signup for the Beta is through the following form:

The registrants will receive a confirmation email containing download links
and an activation key valid through Dec 1 2011 and enabling 50 Virtual Users. Beta testers who desire to use more Virtual Users, please contact us to request an updated license after you register for Beta.

What is in LoadComplete 2 Beta 1:

LoadComplete 2.0 is a new exciting major release of the SmartBear load
testing product family. With this release, we are introducing enhanced support
for load testing of Web sites with rich internet applications (RIA), including:

  • Adobe Flash and Flex (AMF)

  • Microsoft Silverlight

  • XML in text and binary formats, and SOAP/HTTP, in
    support of different AJAX implementations

  • JSON

The users will be able to record and run scenarios using these protocols and
formats, and also easily parameterize specific requests with values extracted
from traffic, internal LoadComplete variables, or external data. These enhanced
parameterization options are realized with graphical wizards and dialogs and do
not rely on any scripting.

Additionally, a number of bugs reported against LoadComplete 1 have been

What is coming in subsequent LoadComplete 2 Beta builds:

These features will be released in subsequent beta builds of LoadComplete 2:

  • Improved access to data for scenario validation,
    including presentation of HTTP request / response body data. This is
    particularly important for supporting testing RIA applications

  • Enhancements in load test reports (including
    waterfall page reports)

  • Capacity improvements for long running tests and
    tests with a high number of VUs

We would like to hear from you:

Beta feedback is very important for us, and we take it with utmost attention. If you have a problem, question, suggestion, or a gripe, please contact us via the support form, available directly through LoadComplete: Contact Support in Links and Resources on the Start Page, or Help>Contact Support Team... from the top level menu.

Additionally, we are planning to distribute an on-line survey towards the end of the Beta program. Stay tuned!

Thank you for being a part of LoadComplete community!

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  • Hi Sergei,

                   I started using LoadComplete and so far I have a problem with exporting the test results to .pdf. Most of the time it hangs LoadComplete. I'm running it in windows 7.


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    Hi Sergei,

    Can Beta be installed in parallel on the same machine that has LoadComplete v.1 or the existing version of LoadComplete will be uninstalled during Beta install?
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    @Alex: Yes to my understanding v2 should install parallel to v1

    @Jorge: Are you referring to LoadComplete v1 (production) or v2 (Beta)? In either case, actually, I recommend that you contact support, but the response may be of different nature depending on whether it's v1 or v2.
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    this version of LoadComplete 2 has expired. Cannot start it anymore (as of December 2nd), neither a new demo licence key can be registered for it.

    Question: where / when is a new LoadComplete 2 version (installable execution file) becoming available, including correct license key.

  • Hi Mathijs,

    I've just applied for a free trial of LoadComplete 2, and I haven't faced any issues when installing or activating it. Please try applying for the LoadComplete 2 trial again.