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13 years ago

LoadComplete 2.5 Beta Program Now Open

LoadComplete product team is pleased to announce the start of the Beta program
for LoadComplete version 2.5. This is an open Beta,
and you can participate whether you are a current SmartBear customer, or not.
To join the Beta program, sign up here:

After you
register you will receive a confirmation email containing download links and an
activation key valid through May 1 2012 enabling 250 Virtual Users. Beta testers
who desire more Virtual Users, please contact us to
request an updated license after you register for Beta.

What‘s New in LoadComplete
2.5 Beta?

Below is a summary of updates and enhancements that have
been included in LoadComplete version 2.5:

Load Testing using
Amazon Cloud

LoadComplete has always
supported load testing applications deployed in the cloud. Now we offer support
for  load generation from the Amazon Web
Services (AWS) cloud. The setup for leveraging cloud machines in your load
testing is highly automated, and only requires you to have an Amazon Web
Services EC2 account; LoadComplete handles the rest “under the hood”.  This capability enables users to perform load
tests in a highly scalable manner, without relying on local hardware.

Data Validation in

In order to verify correctness of the system response during
load testing, LoadComplete version 2.5 provides checkpoints for data
validation. These checkpoints let you compare contents of HTTP responses against
recorded baseline data, for all supported formats – HTML, XML, and AMF.

URL Parameterization

In earlier versions of LoadComplete you could modify request
parameters passed either in the request URL, or in the request body. In version
2.50 you can also parameterize the URL path. This allows you to create load
tests for web sites that use user or session IDs in web pages’ URLs.

Support and Feedback

All Beta participants will have full access to SmartBear
support. If you have a problem, question, suggestion, or
gripe, please contact us via the support form, available directly through
LoadComplete: Contact Support in Links and Resources on the Start Page, or
Help>Contact Support Team... from the top level menu.