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9 years ago

LC4 - Network error on localhost

Hi guys,


I need your help on an issue. Yestarday, I downloaded the new version of LC and use only this one. Previuosly, I've used LC3.2.

My issue is that when ckecking the localhost on LC4 an error is received, network error so I cannot execute any scenario.


Could you pleas help me? Any thoughts will help.


P.S. The projects I'm using was created on LC3.2.



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    9 years ago



    As Ryan says, I have managed to solve the issue by uninstaling / reinstalling the LC4.


    The source of the problem could be the fact that I have instaled LC4 even though LC3.2 wasn't uninstalled. Not sure about this, it's just my guess.


    Hope this helps for future users.


    Thank you.

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      Thank you for the update on the problem.

      Any chance for us to know what was the source of the problem and how it was solved?

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        Yes, we resolved this over email. Uninstalling / reinstalling LoadComplete did the trick.