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7 years ago

is this another Loadcomplete bug?

when using the search function, it can only find matching results on detailed (user / iteration) level.


However this function would be much more helpfull if the whole hierarchy (Master -> Virtual User Group -> User001,002,003 etc) is searchable. Currently this is not.



if you enter "text to search for" it only searches within selected user / iteration, if you select the top node (Master), it can't find the same text if you activate the search function.


Is this a LoadComplete bug?


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  • Hi,


    Right now, we're improving the search and we're going to release the improvements in LoadComplete 4.70. I couldn't reproduce any similar issue in an intermediate build of LoadComplete 4.70, so I recommend that you check if the issue persists for you after we release LoadComplete 4.70.