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13 years ago

Is it possible to see the parameters used for each VU user.

Is it possible to see the parameters used for each VU user when executed the LoadComplete.

For example I executed the LoadComplete for 10 virtual users for my login script. I created 5 login  id's and password's to be used for 10 users randomly. But i want to see what the login and password parameters each user is using. Please let me know if this is possible and is so how?.

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  • Hi Sri,

    The only way to analyze how LoadComplete 1.0 parameterizes requests' bodies is with the help of a third-party sniffer.

    We're considering implementing functionality similar to what you're looking for in future versions of LoadComplete.
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    Hello there!

    I seem to have the same problem.

    To be more specific, I am trying to run with LC 2.1 a login test into a SilverLight 4.0 application.

    I have created a scenario and I have set a parameter drawn from an Excel file in the user value.

    When I right-click the scenario to verify it, I can see that the value is drawn successfully out of the .xlsx file through the Request body.

    When I run the test with multiple virtual users, LC 2.1 doesn't create any Body for the Requests, it just returns the Headers and thus I can't see if the parameterisation of the test is actually working!

    Please help
  • Hi Lambis,

    I failed to reproduce the issue using LoadComplete 2.1 and a Silverlight sample application. So, I'll need more information on the issue - reproduce it, pack the folder containing your test project and post the archive. Also, please point out the problematic log entry. Note that if you want to get personalized assistance, you can submit a separate support case through our Contact Support form.
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    If you are merely interested in seeing parameterization in action, you could create a form that performs a DB insert of its contents.  You can then see exactly what values were used as the table fills with records.
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    it is not that LoadComplete does not create a request body, of course it does.

    Our default logging saves request bodies for the Scenario Validation mode, but does not for the regular test mode.

    In order to see bodies for all virtual users during the load test run, you need to run on the option

    Tools | Options | Engines | HTTP Load Testing | Simulation | Store Request Body

    Then you'll be able to see all request bodies for all virtual users.

    If you wanted to see the log for a specific virtual user, right-click in the message panel of the log, select Filter Data, and set up a filter that will keep only messages for a specific virtual user index.

    You can set up filters for arbitrary conditions the same way.

    Let us know when you've resolved your problem, and how.

    Best regards,