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12 years ago

Is it possible to do Capacity Planning


Is it possible to recommend what kind of Hardware a client should have for an application by performing Performance Test through LoadComplete? e.g. with each product we have hardware and Software requirement, means to install this software you need minimum 5 GB Ram, or 3 GHZ processor etc. I want this information in another way, what is the recommended Hardware in case 100 users are working simultaneously or 500 users working simultaneously.


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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    I'd say yes. You can use LoadComplete to estimate the performance and memory consumption of your web application, but most likely, it will not give you the final numbers to be included in the System Requirements list of your product as these requirements depend on the application and differ from one project to another.

    For instance, one may consider an average page load time of 8-10 seconds acceptable for their web site working with 250 concurrent users; some others may find these results unacceptable for the same load. A possible way to improve the performance is to use faster CPU, hard disk or more memory, or ask developers to implement algorithms that work faster and/or use less memory.

    If your application uses fastest algorithms, you can run your load tests with different hardware configurations and find the configuration that provides better performance results. Then, you can make a decision on hardware requirements.

    In other words, LoadComplete will help you discover whether your application uses the hardware resources effectively, but it's up to you to decide if your application demonstrates suitable performance and memory consumption.