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8 years ago

Inaccurate loading time value in the loadcomplete report.

Seeking your assistance to help us identify as to why the displayed loading time in the reports are much slower than performing the test using actual number of user/s.

We tried to test one of our website using 1 VU (Virtual User) and the displayed loading time in the report is 17.89 seconds. However, when we tried to perform the test using an actual user, the website page loads immediately for about 2.95 seconds.


Kindly give us a clear explanation to this concern, as we need to test the said website with a maximum of 600 VUs.



Note: We are only using Load Complete 3.20 and not the latest 4.6. But we think that this should not affect the displayed values in the report or the performance of our current testing. Any response would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

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    Actually, there were a lot of changes in LoadComplete since v.3.20 and as far as I remember, there were corrections to time measurements as well.

    I would suggest to try with the latest version of LoadComplete (trial can be obtained from and check if the same problem still exists.