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10 years ago

How to view run time viewer while we are verifying a scenario ???

Hi Team,


We will have an option to view what is running (HTML pages) when we run the scenario which is called as run time viewer in Load runner and similarly can be seen in Jmeter. 

Even in Load complete we can see in response tab i.e. HTML. But that is for the one which we have recorded. 

Say we will change the data and want to see the HTML screens for the verification, how can we see that ??? 




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  • Hi Khirthana,


    You can view the simulated request and response bodies after test execution. First, you will need to enable logging of request bodies. (Tools | Options | Engines | HTTP Load Testing | Simulation | Logging | Store bodies)


    Then, you will be able to view the simulated requests in the test log. The ability to render HTML is possible in the Scenario editor, but not in the logs. You will still be able to view the unrendered code.


    Hope this helps.