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9 years ago

How to replace the URL with the parameterized value in all the requests

Hi Ryan/Team, 


Hope your doing good. 

I have parameterized the URL and i have to replace the URL with the variable mentioned in the parameterization wizard. 

Instead of going each and every request and replacing it to a variable do we have any option in LoadComplete like Find (The URL Value) and Replace ALL (all the URL in all the requests should get replaced with the new value). 

Something like Replace all option in Load Runner. 


I have something like 100requests for every script and i have multiple scripts, if there is a solution for this then I can save a lot of time. 




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  • Hi Khirthana,


    LoadComplete does have a Find function (right click in the Scenario Editor to see it), but not Replace All. We are actively working on developing easier ways to deal with variables and dynamic values in your application. Look for some really great functionality in upcoming releases.




    Best Regards,