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4 years ago

How to include fiddler recorded requests to loadcomplete

We had an issue in recording one of our application flows using loadcomplete where a part of transaction is not recorded using loadcomplete.
Hence,we tried capturing the same process through fiddler and saved the sessions.

Kindly please let us know how we can import these fiddler captured session to loadcomplete(option which is available in other performance testing tools)

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    Sure Alex,Have raised ticket with Smart Bear support Team.

    Surely will keep the thread posted with solution updates.

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    I do not remember that an option to import recorded traffic from Fiddler exists in LoadComplete.

    I would suggest create Support ticket via the form and I hope that guys will be able to either provide you with some idea or help with recording required traffic in LoadComplete.

    If it wouldn’t be too much to ask, I’d love to have this thread updated with the result of Support case...