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13 years ago

How to do Data Correlation on load complete


I am new towards Load complete

All these years i have been using Load Runner(v9.X & v11.0) and Quality Center v8.2 & v10(for Bug tracking and manual testing)

Can you tell me how to do Manual Correlation using Load Complete.

I have referred to the Load Complete Manual(

but still everything is bouncing over my head. as i said i am totally new towards Load complete.

i know Load complete is smart tool which automatic correlates most of it but

Please Can anyone explain me, in layman words like i will explain you manual correlation in LoadRunner

In Load Runner (HP tool) Generally if you ask me how will you do correlation for WEB(http/html) protocol:

In Manual Correlation, you record a script of given Business Flow and record another script of same Flow compare with wdiff.

and search for dynamic values changing in script which are to be correlated(it is highlighted in Yellow) genrally they are session ID, View state ID etc)

once you see the dynamic values which are to be correlated(Hint: generally dynamic values is alphanumeric combination)

say suppose you see "XYZ123" value dynamic, and wish to correlate


1. In LR Script we will go to generation LOG of the script

2. goto line1 and do a Control+F and search for the values you want to correlate in the script "XYZ123". 

3. you see 2instances of dynamic values, one is in server request and one in server response.

4. we need to look  the dynamic values in server response, Then take left and right boundary (note the left boundary and right boundary)

5. Search for .inf(suppose it is t8.inf)

6. Go to script above and search for t8.inf

7. web_save_reg_param function fors right above the t8.inf request.

    Syntax : web_reg_save_param("Name", "LB=", "RB=", LAST);

8. Once your done writing web_reg_save_param function

9. Replace all the occurrences of dynamic value in the script using a parameter.

I know it is painfull process to explain

but please

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  • Hi Rakesh,

    Actually, the procedure of manual correlation is described in the "Implementing Data Correlation" section of the help topic you mentioned. Could you please let me know what exactly is unclear there? I'll try to explain it. Possibly, we'll need to consider re-writing the section according to your feedback.

    BTW, if LoadComplete doesn't correlate some parameters automatically as the mentioned help topic describes, please report us about that.