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10 years ago

How can a site gives error with only 50 users

Every site will able to handle 50 users but when am testing it through loadtest,itis giving error after an minute with 50 users.Is it possible?

Site can handle 50 users of load but it is giving error,is it true results?I have tried with continuous steady stepwise ,all results contains errors.

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    What are those errors? Does the test run without errors if executed for only one user?

    If the test is executed fine for one user, you must to check the relevant responses and requests that they are using correct data (e.g. jsession ids, user login/password, etc.). Then execute test for two or three users and again check that all parameters are passed between correctly and test produces no error. Then increase the load to, say, 50 users and analyse the errors, if any, based on the error message from the test log.

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      Thanks for the reply.I have tested it for 1 Vuser ,5V users and error doesn't come.But whe i tested it for the 20 Vusers,only one type of error comes that is(Connection was not simulated or connection timed out) and the error count is 96.
      And,when tested for 50 Vusers,then again same kind of error comes with the count of 1949.

      The spikes of error were 2 or 3 but they are very large and the count they showed is 1949.How?

      So can you help me on this?