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9 years ago

Handling Http Request Redirect

Hi all,


Is there any global settings for handling http-request-redirects.


I am facing one issue with the requests which are recorded on loading my application.



First request returns a 302 code and also sends the location for redirections. It works as expected

Second request also returns a 302 code, which was expected to be 200 code.


There is no session currently involved, these are my initial requests which are sent to load my application.


I have attach 2 snapshots which shows that there is no difference in the recorded/simulated request, but still the response from server is comming different(recorded/simulated).


When i am simulating request2 from browser it returns 200 response code as expected.

If someone can throw some light onto my problem, it will really be appreciated.

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    It looks like in the second case the server doesn’t expect the JSESSIONID cookie, but LoadComplete still sets it for some reason. To understand why this happens, I’d like to take a look at your test project. If it contains sensitive data, please create a new support case.