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9 years ago

Graph is showing nothing for server monitoring in LoadComplete

I have added server monitoring counters like CPU%, Memory.

But when I run the test, all counters showing Zero values.


Please give a solution why I am getting this.



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      Yes, I read the article and all requirements have been met. But its showing the same graphs with Zero percentage/values.

      Anyway I'll check those requirements again.



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        Hi Janett,


        I can't tell from that screenshot what we are looking at. Is this from the Custom Charts view in the report? If so, which metrics have you included in the chart?

        You have to set up your server-side performance counters before running the test. If you added the counters after running the test, they will not show up in the report. If this is the case, simply run your test again and the metrics should be available to you in the report.


        Please let me know if I've misunderstood the issue.