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7 years ago

Getting error messages while performing load testing on web application

Hi All,

I have started with load testing for my application(new to Load Complete) and when am trying to load 50 virtual users into the application(login with Steady load) couple of virtual user are failing to perform the scenario and getting these below errors.


    • The following socket error occurred during simulation: (10054) Connection reset by peer.
    • Unable to decrypt SSL data from the server. The buffers supplied to a function was too small

Note: its working fine if am running same scenario for 10 virtual user it is getting passed.


  1. Its web application.
  2. Running on IE browser.

please let me know if any information required.

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    You did not specify it whether the provided screenshots were from the same test run or not. Assuming that they were from the same test run, I think that 'Unable to decrypt SSL data' error occurred first (as it was reported for or just after processing of the request #9). Then there was some problem with request #32 and finally the connection was dropped (by the server, as I understand it).

    So I think that the root of the problem is the 'Unable to decrypt SSL data' error. Unfortunately, I am not sure if this error originates from the LoadComplete itself or from the tested server, thus I would recommend to create a Support ticket via the form.

    I will appreciate it if you update this thread with the results of your talk with Support...