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13 years ago

Excel Variables and List Variables

I have created "Login" Load Complete Script  and  replaced the Login User Name with Excel Variable [Excel version 2010], and also with List Variables[Load Complete variable] both consist of Virtual User Names.

               In both the cases my script ends with warning messages and Login of virtual users is unsuccessful.


       Please help me out where the problem exists, is it in load complete or excel and what should I do???


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    Hi Sureshn,

    I just wanted to clarify a few moments:

    1. Does your test run successfully (without the mentioned warnings) when you use neither the Excel nor the List variable? In other words, does LoadComplete post a warning message to the test log, when you run your test with the recorded (hard-coded) value of the Login User Name parameter?

    2. What is the exact text of the warning message(s) you mentioned?

    Thanks :)