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8 years ago

Can we use Load UI for Performance testing of back end jobs?


I am currently involved with one of the client where we have to do performance testing for back end jobs running on server. During performance testing we have to measure execution time, throughput and other performance metrics.

Scenario is -

- NAS storage containing test data

- Server on which back end jobs will be running and processing test data

- Upon successful execution of jobs, records will be stored in database


Servers involved here are Linux servers and db is Oracle. Job scripts are written in python.


We are looking for performance testing tool to fulfill this requirement. Could you please assist if LoadUI can be used in this case?

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    LoadUI is a curently discontinued tool (that exists only as a licensed LoadUI NG Pro - designed to generate a load web traffic with the optional use of the functional tests created using SoapUI ( / SoapUI NG Pro (

    LoadComplete (this is where you've posted this your question to) is also a web load generation tool ( that is similair to LoadUI.

    Both these tools, basically, generate web requests to web servers and measure the time that it takes for the server to reply. Additionally, these tools can get data from the performance counters of the remote machines thus providing you with the info of what it takes for the servers to reply to the requests in terms of their hardware resources (memory, CPU, cache, etc.). But usually this is done as a part of web load test.

    If I got your scenario right, there will be some scripts that will trigger some jobs/stored procedures/queries on the database server(s). Usually, the performance of script code itself is irrelevant and the primary goal is to monitor what it taked to the database server to execute the tasks. This is usually done with the internal monitoring tools provided with the given database server and may optionally include data provided by the OS performance counters without the necessity to use any load generation tool.

    If, however, jobs on the database server are triggered as a result of some request to the web server and you are expecting a lot of such requests to this web server, then you may consider to use the load testing tool to generate required requests load and to check how database server serves web server with the data.