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13 years ago

Best practices used for server counters


I am currently evaluating LoadComplete 2 Beta 1.

Since today I have access to the additional server monitoring counters.

Since I am able to select counters out of a large amount of available of counters, my question is which are the most frequently used, for load and stress testing.

For example: Percentage Idle CPU time? or Memory pages?

I'm interested in what the more experienced load testers can tell me about this..


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    The most frequently used counters are already in the Runtime Graphs panel: Page Load Time, Time To First Byte, % CPU, Memory, etc. They help you estimate server performance.

    If you need a specific counter, the counter to be used depends on the task you are going to accomplish. The "Typical Use Cases" section of LoadComplete 2 help file contains some topics that describe counters which can be used in this or that situation:

    * Load Testing: Measuring Server Hardware Performance

    * Testing ASP.NET Applications - Specific Server Metrics

    * Knowing Request Processing Time

    * Measuring SQL Server Performance

    You can find the section in the tree of contents of the help file.