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9 years ago

Announcing. . . LoadComplete 3.2!

Hi, Community!


We're excited to announce LoadComplete 3.2, which contains some big new features and enhancements.




  • Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge support. Now you can record and run load tests on Microsoft's new platform!
  • WebSocket support. LoadComplete can now automatically record and play back both synchronous and asynchronous WebSocket traffic.
  • Support for testing load balancers. With LoadComplete 3.2, you can use IP aliasing to make load balancers treat simulated virtual users as unique clients, routing traffic realistically to the destination servers.
  • SharePoint Forms-Based Authentication (FBA) support. Extended support for testing Microsoft SharePoint sites that process authentication with FBA.
  • Recording improvements. LoadComplete 3.2 includes an improved recording engine as well as several features to give you more control over creating and maintaining your load test scenarios. You can now create server and application whitelists and blacklists to selectively record or ignore traffic. This release also features a streamlined pagination process for greater clarity in editing and reporting.
  • Scenario editing improvements. You can now enable or disable individual requests without deleting them from your scenario. Also, new commands in the Hosts table allow for easy management of all the traffic for your tested and recorded hosts.
  • Stop tests on errors. Now you can have LoadComplete stop the test execution when a certain number of errors are encountered by configuring an error threshold for individual virtual user groups or for the entire test.
  • UI improvements. New buttons, drag-and-drop, and context menu features help you intuitively find and use the most commonly-used features. A redesigned Options window helps organize LoadComplete's growing list of configurable options and preferences.
  • A bunch of user-reported bugs have been squashed!
  • And more! See the release notes for all the details.

This release contains many features that came directly from customer requests. If you have an idea for a new feature or improvement, please let us know.




  1. If you have a previous version of LoadComplete already installed, you can check for updates within the product by going to Help > Check for Updates.
  2. If you are an existing LoadComplete customer on active maintenance, you can also download the installation file by logging in to your SmartBear account.
  3. If you would like to obtain a new 50-VU copy of LoadComplete 3.2 for free, you may download a copy here.


Happy Testing! :smileyhappy:

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