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8 years ago

Am I using LoadComplete right?

Good day LoadComplete community,

I have been trying to use LoadComplete for the last couple weeks and I have come to the conclusion that, I am confused.  I have a "Test" set-up to measure the page load of a couple pages within my application. I try simulating 1 virtual user and the test goes through with no issue.  Page load times are larger than expected because my cache is disabled and it has to load in all the new libraries. In this case the page loads in 6 seconds. 

Once I try to simulate approx 30-50 virtual users, the page load times go from 6 to 20 seconds. 

I am assuming that this is because the virtual users are running off the Master workstation. Does this sound like it is the case? 

PC specs:
17-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40GHz

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