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8 years ago

Please make it work! (opening search results in new tabs)

Please, please make it work!



1. navigate to the main SmartBear TestComplete forum:

2. Enter search terms in the "Type your question here..." input fields

3. After you have typed in search terms, the results are displayed below the input field;

4. Right click on an entry -> Select Open in New tab.

The selected thread is NOT opened on new tab (main TC forum page is displayed instead);


I mean, come on, this should be basic functionality, right? Why is opening of search results in new browser tabs not supported? This is not really easy-to-use right?


The only I have been to work with it is to click on each search result, click on the link "More about this topic", and the thread is opened, but now the original search results are gone!!


Way to ugly now! :( :(


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    Hi Mathijs,



    Thanks for your feedback.


    Right now, the search results show only two posts per topic - a question and a solution (an accepted reply). This is exactly what you see when click subjects of topics. If you can need to see more information regarding a topic, you click "More about this topic" and the topic appears in a new tab. This looks logical to me.

    @Community, what do you think about our "Ask a Question" functionality? Please share your thoughts.


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      Hi TanyaYatskovska


      Sorry seems you missed the point I am talking about.

      let me explain it again.


      What I want is to be able to open search results on different browser tabs, while remaining the search results on the original (currently opened tab). Which search results meaning the complete threads (if threads contain multiple pages the thread should be opened on first page). Once again, on a new tab in the browser (if selected to do so by right click -> open link in new browser). 


      The reason for that is that you can open multiple threads (based on the search result shown in the first tab of your browser), so you can easy 'scan' these threads (tabs) for usefull information. 


      I just don't want to re-type the search query if the thread displayed in the search results box does not provide the info I am looking for. Currently I have to do that.


      It has no relation to provided solutions or anything like that.


      Almost all bulletin boards, discussion groups, forum sites, etc support this. Unfortunately here it's not supported. I consider this a major drawback.



      Attached is a recording of the scenario I am referring to.