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9 years ago

organize this forum as a hierarchy

this forum contains some interesting points.

But - sadly - there is no hierarchical structure, so, if I want to find them, I've got to read it all. There isn't even an overview!


I will not read it all.

I will hardly ever use it the way it is.


My proposal: reorganize it. Use a hierarchical structure, as structuring criteria use the technical or UI structure of TC.

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  • Manfred I was thinking the same thing. Then I found this hierarchal navigation which helped me.Sharing with you just in case you haven't seen it yet.



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      Well, this is quite exactly the right principle.

      I'd very much appreciate to have this not only for two hierarchy levels, but for an unlimited number..

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    Hi Manfred_F,


    Thanks for your feedback! For TestComplete, we have the forums - Web testing, Desktop testing, Mobile Testing and the forum for general questions. Which hierarchy would you recommend so that it completely matches your needs and willingness?


    BTW, I’ve moved your original post to this place. Please use this forum for suggestions or feedback about the community functionality.

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      Hi Tanya,

      well, this is a really good question.

      Which structure would one, would You yourself appreciate to help You quickly find what You are searching for?


      - It has to cover all TC functional features and their usage.

      - It also has to cover technical aspects of TC usage.


      Maybe, a structure similar to Your help system's one would be useful?

      Let's take the chapters

      - Using TC

      - Testing Types

      - Applications Testing

      - Working with Application Objects

      and their substructure as a purpose.

      I think, this would make a good starting point. Of course, the structure should be extended, if needed.

      This should not be done by us users, but by a forum administrator.

      I'd propose to let users add new items, but not attach them into the tree. Putting new items into the tree should be done by the forum administrator (You at SmartBear have to read them anyway, so You can quickly sort them in).


      What do You think, could this help?


      Kind Regards,