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10 months ago

cucumber js test data

I have created a framework that utilize the faker js framework to generate test data and share it across the feature file.

Following is a simple example:

        Scenario Outline: Create a new repository
        # The repository should be private
        Given Create a new repository name "<repo>", description "<description>", and README file
        When Navigate to the home page
        Then Verify the repository name "<repo>" can be found under Top Repositories
            | repo               | description      |
            | {string.alpha(10)} | {loren.text}     |

Due to the fake js framework there are unlimited options (in this example I'm using string.alpha(10) and loren.text).

Currently it generate a new feature file with the fake values and I execute the new feature file.
I'm looking for a better way to replace the value by changing the feature file document before it's getting executed.
Can you guide me on how it can be done?

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