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3 years ago

TestComplete Password Variables


I am new to cross browser testing. I have scripts already created and running flawlessly in TestComplete. When I use the remote browser loop and run the same scripts in cross browser testing they fail on the step where I enter a password. I am using password variables in my TestComplete tests. In cross browser testing it seems to add extra characters to the password field causing the log in to fail and the test to fail. Has anyone ever come across this isssue?

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  • Hi JessicaK 


    Hope you are well. 

    I have not had any issues with the TC password variables running via CBT. 


    Its difficult to determine what is happening but here is what I would check. 


    Do we know for sure its adding extra characters and not something in the recognition? 


    CBT will only recognize the login control if it referencing xpath/css selectors where as in TestComplete it can use a variety of ways to recognize that control. 


    Is it only via remote browser loop? does the run remote browser operation behave the same? 


    Lasltly, have you tried changing the mode via operational parameters from password variable to a string? 


    In TestComplete, you can just select the line with the password variable, over the variable name, perform a single lelt click, click on the ellipsis(the dots)


    From there click on the ellipsis again and using the drop down you can change the mode from variable to constant  with type String, enter in a string value. 


    I would reach out to your TestComplete representative, perhaps they can arrange a short call.


    Otherwise I would suggest reaching out to TestComplete support to look at this further