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3 years ago

Running TC MDS KWT with a Run Remote Browser into CBT and page with FindElement is not working

I am running a TestComplete KeywordTest that is running the CBTUrl = "";
Browsers.RemoteItem(CBTUrl, CBTBrowser).Run(url, -1);
When the CBT Automation Starts, the Device, Browser and URL are loaded just fine. The page comes up, but it is unable to locate the first button to click on.
It is using this: FindElement
the Element is on the page and manually, I am able to go into interactive mode and click on it.
Do you know why the FindElement is not working in CBT Automation?

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  • Hi KennethBobbitt 


    Hope you are well. 


    The issue is likely Test Complete related rather than Test Complete. 


    In order to scale web tests from Test Complete to CBT you need to have a test that uses XPath expressions and CSS selectors.


    These will be referenced to your mapped controls in your namemapping.


    You can enable this mode when creating a new project or by changing a project setting 


    Open the Properties > Open Applications > Web Testing page of your project and make sure that your project is configured to use XPath expressions and CSS selectors to locate web objects. 

    Once its enabled if you record a test it will map the controls for you using xpath/css selectors and then you can run your scalale tests. 

    See here for more information