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6 years ago

New Integration with QAComplete and CrossBrowserTesting

Hello CrossBrowserTesting community!


I'm excited to announce that the latest release of our test management tool, QAComplete, is live, and now integrates with CrossBrowserTesting. QAComplete enables teams to managage and track both manual and automated UI and API tests. If you're looking for a test managment tool, check out our newest product features and integrations:


Here are some of the highlights:


  • Exploratory Testing Capabilities: We’ve added new functionality to enable ad-hoc recording of test activities. You can now record your manual steps as they happen, save them as a test, and generate new manual tests based on the recorded steps.
  • Integration with CrossBrowserTesting: You can now use CrossBrowserTesting from within QAComplete to execute manual tests across 1500+ real desktop and mobile browsers
  • ReadyAPI Integration: ReadyAPI now seamlessly integrates with QAComplete to provide complete visibility into all of your API testing needs in addition to other testing types including automated UI tests and exploratory tests.

Check out our documentation for more information or try it for yourself!


All the best,