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2 years ago

chrome is disabling smartbear extension when runs a jenkin job

I have my project on remote machine and my jenkin job works fine with Edge,

but when I run the same job on chrome it fails.

Main Issue:

if i open chrome manually on remote machine and than run a jenkin job than job passes but if i close the chrome browser and then run a jenkin job then chrome crashes and give me an internal error

(smart bear extension is not installed or disable)However, smart bear extension is already installed in my chrome browser.

I have used the following  links to resolve this issue but still no success



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  • Hi Ayesha!


    Is it possible that the Chrome instance being launched by TestComplete is using an alternate profile than the one you use when you launch it manually?


    It could be an issue where the profile being used doesn't have that extension installed.


    I would start by verifying that first.

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      Hi npaisley

      Thanks for your response.

      No i have verified again, chrome instance is using the same profile in both cases ğŸ˜ž