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13 years ago

unable to start ccollab service


I am trying to start the ccollab service , but it gives me the message " Error 1 : Incorrect Function" . The version which we use is v7.0.7022

Can anyone help me on this error.



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  • Hello, this is Greg from Smartbear Support.

    I see you also sent us an email to, so we are going to respond to that to keep things in a concentrated area.

  • I'm seeing the same thing. It would be good to post resolutions here also. 
  • Hi Chris,

    Make sure java is installed and running in the machine . Or else just download the latest java version from the site and install and try to start the service .. it should work.

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    This is a relatively generic error coming directly from Windows.

    As our documentation suggests here:

    as far as our product is concerned, this error is often related to:

    * Insufficient memory for the service: free up memory for the service by removing -Xmx or -Xms in the ccollab-server.vmoptions file.

    * Invalid Java environment: confirm a valid Java version/environment by running 'java -version' in you Java bin directory. We require Oracle Java (not OpenJDK). Oracle Java v.1.6x is recommended for CodeCollaborator v.1.6x or older, and Java v.1.7x is recommended for CodeCollaborator v.1.7x or higher.

    * Permissions issue: make sure the user starting the service has full permissions to the  install directory, temp directory and content-cache directory.