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6 years ago

Ubuntu 18.04 and GUI Client hangs

I recently upgraded to ubuntu 18.04 and using collab client v11.0.11000.  When using the client GUI, when adding a new repo, it hangs after clicking on the "Add" Button.

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    There is a known issue with the GTK+ 3.22 or later. The GUI client freezes due to the fact that the Collaborator client cannot reliably work with this version of GTK+. There is a workaround (rolling back to GTK+ 2), so I suggest that you apply it in your environment and check how it works. Follow the steps below:
    1. Open the ccollabgui shell script in a text editor.
    2. Add the export SWT_GTK3=0 statement to the beginning of the script like this:
    export SWT_GTK3=0
    3. Save your changes, run the GUI client and check how it works.

    Alternatively, you can just run the GUI client in your terminal like this:
    SWT_GTK3=0 ccollabgui

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      Would this require in upgrading the server as well?  We are using:




      for the server

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        I'm having the same issue. It also freezes when going to File -> Preferences. Were you able to fix your problem? (Using Ubuntu 18.04 and Collaborator Version 11.3.11301.5)