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14 years ago

Request: don't upload Pending Changelist files unchanged since the last time

Our reviews often have many files in them and we have Pending Changelists until the review is accepted.  Each time the pending changelist is uploaded, all the files are uploaded even if only one or two have changed.  After twenty or thirty cycles of the same fifteen files being uploaded, the review gets ridiculous (and I don't want to roll it all up because it's hard to tell what has changed).

I'd like an option when uploading a Pending Changelist such that: if the changelist number is the same (this is perforce) and a file in it has already been uploaded and there are no changes, it doesn't show up in the new CL area.

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    In case it matters, I too would like to see this feature added.
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    Looking at the 'General Chat' window for an existing review, I just noticed that only the changed files in a perforce change list are actually uploaded.

    I think the 'issue' is that when someone actually goes to review one of those not uploaded, 'unchanged' files using the link nearest the top of the web page, the default 'diff' will indicate that nothing changed.  What is desired (I think) is for those 'unchanged' files to show the diff from when it was last actually uploaded.

    The scenario is most easily seen if the file in question is a 'new' file, i.e., the whole file is subject to review.  Upload the changelist with that file once and the whole file will indicate it should be reviewed when opened for reviewing.  Upload the same changelist again (no edits to the 'new' file) and open in CodeCollaborator for review and the reviewing window will indicate there is nothing to review.  Only the head and tail of the file will be shown, the rest will be hidden.

    Switching between no roll-up, roll-up all or roll-up atomic changelists seems to have no impact the above issue.