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6 years ago

"No SCM could be determined" -- p4 plugin does not work out of the box on macOS

When trying to launch ccollab from Perforce (P4V) context, I get a pop up that complains:

No SCM Configuration could be determined

Cannot run program "p4" (in directory "/Applications/ccollab_client/"): error=2, No such file or directory


Suggestions found and tried:

I've tried linking p4 to "/Applications/ccollab_client/" to no avail. It still reports there is no such file when there is.

I've added the -p4 cli option to the plugin call in Tools -> Manage Custom Tools... -> Smartbear Add to Review. It appears to ignore this.

I cannot add p4 to /usr/bin as this path hasn't been supported for any non-OS access on macOS X since 2015.


Attached is the latest log file.

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