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8 years ago

List of an author's collabs

I would like to see a list of all collabs in our system.


I know there was one by a particular author, about a year and a half ago. I think it was eventually rejected. This person has left the company and is no longer enabled within Code Collab.


How can I find a list of collabs that this person submitted?



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    Hello gyachuk,


    Unfortunately, Collaborator doesn't allow collecting reports for disabled users. But, also, it doesn't allow deleting users from the database. So, you can open the "Admin | Users" page, select "Show all users" in the "Filter" field, find the user by his/her login or last name, and enable the account. After this, you can navigate to the "Reports" page, select "Reviews Currently In Progress", and customize the report as on the screenshot below:



    As a result, Collaborator returns the review IDs in which the user is added as "Author".


    I hope this helps!