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12 years ago

Error happened when opening an action item in eclipse

I installed code collaborator on my eclipse 4.2

The code collaborator server was version v7.2.7218

I first installed code collaborator eclipse plugin v6.1.6104. It worked well. At least, I did not find any severe issue.

Then I upgraded the eclipse plugin to v7.2.7237. I could open the Action Items view. However, when I double clicked an action item in the view, an error dialog opened. Attached is the screen shot and log file.

So is the latest v7.2.7237 compatible with eclipse 4.2?

Can I still use the v6.1.6104 plugin with the Code Collaborator server v7.2.7218?



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  • Hi,

    We currently have an issue with our 7.2.7327 client trying to connect to any other version that is not 7237. To resolve this, you can upgrade your server to 7237, or you can rollback your eclipse client to a previous version.


    Luis Luna

    SmartBear Technical Support.