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14 years ago

Always getting error when clicking finish review

I seem to always get the following error when I try to finish a review (as a reviewer) even though I have read all of the comments.

Error: Your role must read all comments, therefore you may only 'Finish Until Any Activity'.

So I can only click finish with "finish until any activity" option vs. being notified only on author activity, etc. 

Any thoughts?

Thanks. Jay

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    What's happening here is that your Code Collaborator admin has defined in your workflow that your role must read all comments.   If you were able to 'finish until author activity', then you would not be brought back until the author made a comment or uploaded a file... even though someone else did... which would contradict the aforementioned requirement that participants in your role must read all comments.  So that option is disallowed for you. 
  • I see where that is setup in the admin web page. That seemed to do it. Thanks.