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3 years ago

Trouble with Template Variables like $URLLINE? Try $ADDL_ERROR_INFO instead

  AlertSite allows you to create Notification Templates that define static and dynamic information in your sent alerts. Among the modifications included are a host of possible dynamic 'Variables' that can be included in the notification, to customize the information received by the alert recipient when an error is triggered for a monitor in production.


   Many of the dynamic variables available for use are tied only to monitors of a specific type. Chief among these is the $URLLINE variable which can only be used in Up/Down Site Monitors. Multi-step monitors like DejaClick do not have a static URLs to include in notifications because they are directed by actions in the browser, not by direct calls to defined URLs on a specified port number like single URL monitors are.


    A possible solution for DejaClick monitors is to use the $ADDL_ERROR_INFO variable instead. The information in this variable would automatically include information about the error like response time, error message, and the error URL. While there is more information that just the URL in this data, the URL itself, if related to the error, would be present in the notifications received. 

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