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7 years ago

Running Diagnostic Tests in Real-Time

  Currently, diagnostic tests are only available in AlertSite 1.0. However, a future release is slated to include diagnostic tests that can be run in AlertSite UXM as well.


   Form the 1.o console, select "Support - Site Diagnostics" from the menu. 



From this screen you can select an existing monitor from the dropdown at the top, or select "Test other URL" and enter any URL or IP address you want to test.


The Select Test section offers the following options:


 - Test on Demand (normal with Fullpage)  - On Screen Test

 - Test on Demand - Non-Fullpage  - On Screen Test

 - TCP Traceroute  - Test Results Emailed

 - Ping  - Test Results Emailed

 - AlertSite Test (generates a production run) - Console


Next select a location for the test to run from under the 'Location' dropdown. Selected monitors can run from any location they are configured to test against. Other URL tests can be run from any location.


For Ping and Traceroute you must enter an email address in the recipient box at the bottom.


Click Submit to start the test.


If one of the testing options are selected, a console window opens and runs the test form the specific location



For Traceroute and Ping, a window as seen below is displayed and the results emailed to the entered address.


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