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4 years ago

multi factor authentication

We are past the age of username / password entry into most websites that are externally facing. Is there any guidance from SmartBear or future features for monitoring sites with multifactor authentication via Alertsite? 

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  • agreed that MFA is going to be increasingly unavoidable in synthetic monitoring.


    while we can work through it now with multi-tab Deja monitors, we are kicking off an initiative to handle it natively within a DejaClick script.  Would definitely appreciate more direct feedback on your company's needs.  We'll be reaching out soon to connect the dots.


    Thanks for reaching out!

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         It is possible to create monitors using MFA currently with DejaClick. The process for doing so depends on the nature of the Multi-factor authentication requirement.


         Using JavaScript Validations in DejaClick you can create a means to auto-answer personal identity verification questions, or send a code via email that is used to validate a login. Both require some custom code, and AlertSite Support can walk you through the process.


         We are also working on ways to automate this on the back end to make creating these monitors easier. Support can assist with this for now if needed. Just reach out to or submit a request once you log into the portal under the "Question Mark" (?) in to top right corner of the console.