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7 years ago

Message "Blackout start time cannot be a time in the past"?



I am trying to set-up a one-time "Notification Blackout" for one of our monitors. When I first arrive at the "Create Blackout" screen, AlertSite prefills the "From" and "To" fields with the current time and date. The problem is, after setting the "To" time and or date to the future, when I click the "Save" button, I get a "Blackout start time cannot be a time in the past" message.


I have tried setting the time for the "From" a few minutes to a few hours in the future, but it still responds with "Blackout start time cannot be a time in the past". The only way I have been able to get it to save is if I set the "To" field date to tomorrow or greater.


Am I doing something wrong or do all blackouts have to be scheduled at least one day in advance? If that is true, why does the form prefill the "To" and "From" with today's date and exact time?


Please advise. Thank you.

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