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10 years ago

looking for some help with Deja Click, - Selecting from drop down menu


"I'm trying to create a script/recording that will select the current month from a drop down menu.


I'm trying to use the code below as a Java script Variable

var currentDate = new Date()
var month = currentDate.getMonth()
document.getElementById('Policy_InceptionDate-m').selectedIndex = month;

but get the following error when i try to preview the results.

Variable preview:

Unable to populate script variable: <missing value>"



Here is an example of the website code;

<select id="Policy_InceptionDate-m" class="min" onblur="copyDate(this)" onchange="copyDate(this)" tabindex="231" name="Policy_InceptionDate-m" dcprevstyle="" style="outline: 2px solid #BEEBBA; outline-offset: 1px; background-color: #F9FEF9 !important;">

    <option value=""></option>
    <option value="01">


    <option value="02"></option>
    <option value="03"></option>
    <option value="04"></option>
    <option value="05"></option>
    <option value="06"></option>
    <option value="07"></option>
    <option value="08"></option>
    <option value="09"></option>
    <option value="10"></option>
    <option value="11"></option>
    <option value="12"></option>


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    What browser are you using to replay. Are using "Script Variable" or "Javascript Validation" feature ?

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      I'm replaying through FireFox and using a script variable

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        There is an issue with evaluation Javascript in the recent version of FF. Can you please try the same with the Dejaclick Chrome extension and see if that resolves it.