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7 years ago

JavaScript Validation not working

I have a simple DejaClick script that hits a web page and then tries to validate there is certain text on the page. When I record the test in DejaClick and use the Keyword Validation tool it finds certain text no problem. But when I replay the script, it fails the validation. I thought I would try to use JavaScript Validation instead. I created a one line JavaScript looking for document.title that returns 'true' when I use the developer tools in Google Chrome, but when I try to use this in DejaClick, it does not appear to return 'true'. Not too familiar with JavaScritpt, so is there something different I need to do in DejaClick to get the script to return 'true'? I am trying to alert on 'true' for testing it out and will then switch to 'false' when it works. Doesn't alert on 'false' either as an FYI. Here is the code:


var square = function() { if (document.title == "Home"){ return true; } }; square();


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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  • On the original Keyword Validation you created that was not working, try making sure that you are looking for the Keyword in 'All Documents' as opposed to a selected document. You have to be in Advanced display mode to see this option. Try unchecking 'Match Case' and 'Match whole word/phrase' as well.


    I hope this helps, but if you include the URL I can probably give a JavaScript validation that works too if you need it.

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    Thanks for your reply!  Looks like its just something with how this page is coded.  I used my JavaScript on another site and it worked fine.  I am not able to post the URL since it has credentials embedded in it.  I am just going to have the test alert if it sees certain error messages for validation.  Thanks again.